Scoutshonor was founded in 2010. Since then, the volume of collaborators has grown – concurrent with the number of merit badges on the work uniform. Today Scoutshonor, in addition to the growing location archive, operates as location scout, location manager, and service producer/facilitator for visual productions of any kind, and has gathered vast experience with everything from local, low-budget film school projects to big American productions. Scoutshonor is at your service with a smile and a thorough work ethic, no matter how big or small your production is. Our wide network of collaborators in the Danish film and television industry, help us offer our customers an efficient and targeted service every time.
Founder Søren Dahl: "Film and wildlife has always played leading roles in my life. I grew up in Fredericia, where I spend 5 years getting my boots dirty in the local scout troop, while studying Film Marketing. This combined my two passions and I couldn't dream that there was a job that could actually fit so perfectly to my hobbies. During my youth, I got one boot inside the film industry working as a runner, production assistant, extra coordinator, and location assistant on various productions. This gave me valuable insights into the routines and challenges on a film- and television production. I soon found out working as a location scout and location manager would be the ideal way to integrate my two halfs into my professional life – the lone rider and the team-player. Scoutshonor was born.
Today I have 17 years of experience managing productions of all sizes. The Killing, Borgen, The Commune, Klovn, Lykke-Per, Gentleman Jack, Amazing Race and The Bachelorette are some of the productions I have worked for. During the years, I have developed a sharp eye for red flags. Knowing what to look out for on set, predicting needs and challenges, making security a main priority, are all focus points while working for your production. If you need advice about permits, I know where to go and how to formulate the needed preparations. I also have great experience operating as a local producer, coordinating international productions with teams of 150 people. My motivation lies in creating well-managed and safe frames for your creative work to unfold within – in peaceful cooperation with the local area."

The Team

Meet the Scoutshonor team
Søren Dahl
Founder, Location Manager & Scout
Lisbeth Hjort
Photographer & Location Scout
Soren Dahl
Petra Rose Toft
Digital Coordinator

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