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Scoutshonor is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting locations for film, TV series, commercials and photo shoots in Denmark.

Join our location archive, and experience your facilities on the big screen – while adding to your income.

We are hunting for locations in a wide variety of styles and environments in Denmark and especially around Copenhagen.

Do you have an old houseboat, a wooden cabin, an empty barn, a fine manor, a messy dorm room, or anything in between?

Then maybe you have the kind of location, we are hoping to get on the line.

Scoutshonor is open for all kinds of locations, but we are especially fond of quirky details, eye-catching architecture, walls and tapestry with colors and patterns, in short – locations with soul and character that you don’t find anywhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The rent varies from project to project. On TV shows, feature films and other non-commercial productions the rent will typically be between 3000 and 5000 dkr. per day.
If the production lasts for several days there will be negotiated a price with quantity discount.
Commercials often have a higher rent which typically range from 5,000 – 10,000 dkr per day.
For extraordinary and luxurious locations, prices are often higher.
Discount will be negotiated in the case of several days’ rent.
The production company is always insured and a lease will be made to ensure that all damage caused by the production will be paid by the production.
No, it dosen’t cost anything to be part of the online archive.
The productions are always trying to find locations where the changes are kept to a minimum, but it is often that some furniture are replaced to match the needs of the production.
In some cases walls are painted for the shoot, and of course painted back in the original color.
All changes is done by professionals and always coordinated and talked through with the owner beforehand.
No, there will not be published any addresses online. Only the city/area will be mentioned in the location portfolio.
There are usually around 25-30 persons on a filmcrew and take quite a lot af space on location.
The rooms which is not used for shooting is typically used for equipment.
Film-workers are professionel people who are used to having private homes as their work-space.
It is always a good idea to coordinate floor covering and shoe-covers with the production.
The productions has typically a filmbus and a make-up/custume-trailer parked on the street close to the location. Here the crew eats lunch and the production have their office.