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Finders fee per location: DKK 4.500 ex. VAT.
(This fee is not part of the location fee and paid by the production company/renter directly to Scoutshonor. The fee is paid upon final use of the location)
Location rates vary according to location, extent of production, number of days, etc. The daily rate is usually between DKK 4,000 - 7,000 for fiction projects and DKK 8,000 - 10,000 for commercial projects. For extraordinary and luxurious locations, prices are often higher. For several days rental, a discount is often negotiated.
The above estimated prices are within general working hours. (Day)
Scoutshonor can clear up to 3 locations free of charge. If you want additional locations cleared, we charge DKK 500 ex. VAT per location. This expense must be paid regardless of whether the production ends up using one or more of the cleared locations or not.
A location agreement will always be made between the location owner and the tenant/production company. Scoutshonor is usually responsible for making this contract.

An agreement requires that the tenant has valid production insurance.

Although Scoutshonor continuously works to update the images of the various locations, there may have been changes to the locations in relation to the images, in the form of: refurnishing, a different color on the wall, etc. Scoutshonor therefore always encourages potential tenants to visit locations before a final contract is signed.

The location owner usually expects a final cleaning after the rent out. The details about this must be agreed before the contract is made.

If the location owner is unable to live and use their home due to early or late shoots, preparation or wrap, rehousing of the location owner + family is expected. Rehousing is paid by the tenant.

Scoutshonor takes care of all communication with the location owner up to a possible signed contract.
In addition to all our online locations, we also have an offline archive. The archive contains locations that have not yet come online, as well as locations where the owners do not want their home online. Contact us with information and reference pictures of what you are looking for and we will check the archive for you.
Scoutshonor is happy to help you find your location. Contact us for our rates.