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  Location Managing -    

Scoutshonor / Søren Dahl has great experience as a location manager and location scout in the danish film/tv-industry. Scoutshonor has a strong relationship with contractors, state police, country and state officials, which is an advantage when seeking permits for filming and roadblocks, renting lifts or cherry picks. Scoutshonor will arrange your parking, roadblocks, holdings ect. so you can focus on your production.

  Location Scouting -   

Do you need a location scout for your next project: Film - TV series - Stills - Commercials - Music Video - Events? Only your imagination sets limits to what your locations will be used for. Scoutshonor is located in Copenhagen, and has a vast  location knowledge of most of Denmark. If you have a location in mind, Scoutshonor will find it. 

  Location Archive - 

With a constantly updated archive of over 50.000 location images, ranging from luxury villas, murky alleyways to rolling country side hills  Scoutshonor certainly has your next location archived. Contact Scoutshonor for bids for your next location.


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