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EST. 2010

What we do

Team up with Scoutshonor, and find a scenery to match your vision! We enjoy to coordinate the practical, so you can focus on the creative.
Scoutshonor operates as your location scout and location manager; gives you access to a vast and varied online location archive; and offers all encompassing production service for international creators. We cooperate with visual productions of all mediums and sizes. You decide where you need a hand.
Show us your vision, and we will help setting the stage – always with a smile.

Location Manager


Your location in our hands!
After many years in the Danish film and television industry, Scoutshonor is your safe choice when looking for a location manager. We have wide experience with visual productions, e.g. period films, and know the importance of a well-managed location. Scoutshonor have strong connections with contractors, state police and officials in all corners of Denmark

Location Scout


Scouting for your vision!
We are always on the lookout for new locations, with a preference for the authentic and eye-catching – to find an original match for your storyworld. Whether you are working on film, TV series, commercials, stills, or events, our knowledge of locations in Denmark will help your project reach its highest commercial potential.

Location Archive


DIY location scouting – from your chair!
As one of the first locations scouting companies in Denmark, Scoutshonor offers you a unique opportunity to step into the virtual wilderness and go location scouting yourself. Our comprehensive online archive service gives you access to a large amount of the locations we have collected through the years. Feel free to browse our search engine!

Production Service


Is Danish not your strongest language?
Scoutshonor is fluent in helping international crews and companies finding the right locations for their production in Denmark. We have years of experience cooperating with international partners from all over the world and have developed an all encompassing production service that aims to make your production run smoothly.

New Locations

Check out the newly hooked fish!
Here you can browse the most recently updated locations in the archive
and see if there is a match for your production.
The page is continuously updated, so check by when you need new inspiration.

Meanwhile – we’ll keep scouting for more

For more locations click the link


Creative freedom in abandoned locations. Sounds appealing?
Browse for empty and uninhabited rooms, buildings and other facilities in our Plug’n Shoot archive. We have borrowed the keys for eye-catching, abandoned locations all over the country, only waiting for your crew to move in and make the storyworld of your film, commercial or photoshoot come alive.

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